Live at Wimbledon

by Honeyheads

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released August 1, 2013

recorded at Niedervolthoudini studio by Carl-John Hoffmann & René Huthwelker;
produced by Tilman van der Leeden & Jörg Milling;
mastered at Minyon studio by Jörg Milling.
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all rights reserved


Honeyheads Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: Aged & in Love
We're beautiful
We're old
And we mutually behold
Our uncertainties.
Oh, Gorgeous Insecurity!

We're juvenile,
We're bold
While events unfold
We tend to bursts of speed.
Come on and kiss me fervently!

I draw you hearts of Burgundy
While you're pouring cups of herbal tea

We're aged and in love
No one sent it from above
We're aged and beloved
If you don't like it, shut it!

We won't do what we're told
One of the perks of being old
There's worse I've seen
Than most missed opportunities

We ain't tools nor fools nor foals
Yet the future is untold
Let's start a mutiny
Age is unbeknownst to energy!

There's no such thing as purity
But surely fury, fireworks and scrutiny

We're aged and in love
No one sent it from above
Oh, Blazes undreamed of
We're ragin' and we're lost

We're losin' it and lovin' it
We won't die, due to stubbornness
We're losin' it and lovin' it
We choose to sail Styx rudderless

You point to the rock. You're filled with glee
C'mon roll it up the hill with me!
We'll soon know perfectly
Love & Riot in the first degree

See the rock?
Let's roll it up!
Track Name: Funeral Joe
All the small towns look the same, you claim
And you may be right
Brutish and prudish architects make'em appear all equal and lame

Oh, it makes you happy to see
What's become of the places you grew up
All the places of dreams about horses and about doo wop

Oh, it's so comforting and soothing
To have the world on a shoestring
To get lost in the streets you used to know inside out
There's a funeral home where we used to rent our videos

Giddy-up, Joe, giddy-up, Joe, go, go, go!

You love the road
You love the blokes
Shove the meds down your throat like the other kids do
You love the road, you love them blokes
Shove the meds down your throat like all the other kids

Sure is better the your home
Sure is better than our home
Feed the urge, binge and purge
Until our hometown's walls come undone
Track Name: Oh, Speed
I fought the thought as brutal as I might
but then you started killing me
and as I liked that energy
The notion hammered, I got haunted
but when I started hunting you, I saw
Hammer is fo'ever you
Oh, Speed! Oh, Speed! Oh, Speed!
(As long as you keep killing me
you will not be hurting me)
Time will be the only
to kill you slowly
Time will kill you slowly
Oh, Speed!
(as long as you keep killing me
you will not be hurting me)
Now time has caught up
and I'm back into racing it
Track Name: Exploiting the Hive
My advent calendar
And my sleep apnea
Remind you of
Your first boyfriend
You read my whimsical travelogue
A witty and flimsy tableau of
The things that I observed
When I was feeling so much older

Old and alive
Exploiting the honey hive
In days of yore when no one would
Point at me with a kitchen knife

Oh please don't tease me with my memories
Oh, Emily

Every noon when I wake
You address me with a different name
And you never asked who the authorities think I am
And sure not all your ideas are great
Honestly, every other whim is pretty lame
But I'd find quite tempting to forget my christian name

We became you-know-what
We're pigging out on the honey pot
We go out walking these days
We do much talking these days
And we drink champagne in the parking lot

It seems like today we won't get cranky
Oh, Frankie
Track Name: Autistic Artist
You prefer the odd numbers to the even
And maybe that's why you're more of an artist while I am
More of an autist
I'd say I'm agnostic while you'd say I'm a heathen
But please let us get this thing started

I invested way more than I could've afforded
And still you go to bed when I want to get sorted

And I don't know if all this is fated
And I'm way too tired to even debate it
And I'm way too tired as well to abort it
Tired and weary and beat and exhausted
Track Name: Awake Again or
Yeah, it is said to be a funny thing
but at times I could raise mine eyes on almost anyone
so as to fall for anyone
Just to fall
So as to fall for anyone
Lay down your lucky hand
on mine eyes!
May I rest mine ears
on your voice?
Ears never sleep
You never sleep
We never sleep
And I fell for you
Track Name: Bob's Tale
A loner's carved a note into my table
it reads: 'I'm a goner'
They discuss if it's a sign of life or death
to use red in a painting
And in comes the butcher
gets a 'Bonjour' and his coffee priority served
Don't gimme 'Glamour'
it's just talk lacking in grammar
Though I believe this is killing me
I'll use a smile and word it nice and clean:
I promise to not give them away
my thoughts that are all about the when
'Cause you will know just when to arrive
Yeah, you will come see me again!
Oh, I believe this is killing me
I promise to not give them away
my thoughts that are all about the when
'Cause you will know just when to arrive
Yeah, you will come see me again!
Track Name: Make Out Captain
I hear the sound of heels
Healing heels make me feel I'm here again
I frown at spinning wheels
I'd rather be on the run than on the bus

New shoes, umbrella and a flannel for my face
And a tenner for some flowers just in case

Y ou may call me old-fashioned
Although I know I'm never going back to my old school
And I'm tryin' to make it look elegant
Although I know it'ts okay to be a teenage idiot dancer

There's seaweeds on the streets
Seeing weeds makes me treat you like a queen bee
I'll feed you heaps

And I'm tryin' to make it sound eloquent
Although I know you would've loved me anyhow

Forget your name
Remember to eat
Fall fast asleep and re-enter the game
We fall in love on a rabbit swing
At 4 a.m. Eternal
Who is gonna rock you?
Too Much Love is on air
Who is gonna rock you?
Too much love is in the air

We're making out in space
Track Name: Palm Trees and Technology
This house is wooden and badly lit
Like hoses in all those biopics
On great american writers
So I pour myself another and have a sip
Drink till my liquid wits drip off my lip
I whip out verses till I need a kip
And rest my head between the following items:
Gin, a pen and a lighter

And I dream of palm trees and technology

I threw my cellphone off a mountain
I read my mail with an iPod Touch
I draw foul paintings of pale fountains
And you never ask for much
But I'm a painter and a poet and I'd rather be
Free than strong
Just to tell you, so you know it
Even though I always blow it
We shouldn't fight but get along
And I believe in palm trees and technology

On a sunny day's walk I shut my eyelids
While your eyes look sad and your lips are smiling
"Why are you asking me to follow thee
When I don't believe in palm trees or technology?"
As it seems, I owe you an apology

I see palm trees at the horizon
Track Name: Song of Sealed Lips
It's just lips, two tongues, teeth and bliss
So why haven't I asked you for a kiss?
A goodnight-one on the lids of your April-Skied-blue eyes
if you'd rather not let me taste your moustached smile
Though the coast isn't clear
everyone can hear
as if my tape for your pink Walkman was streamable online
How couldn't you've admitted that you miss me?
You write you feel literal pain and that it's almost cruel
to not be in my company pouring beer in the breakers
and that instead you speed up and down stairs 'Raw Power' blasting
No, I haven't cleared the coast
everybody knows
the song of sealed lips
it is streamable online